Why use a Trading Assistant to Sell on eBay UK?

Selling on eBay is a great way of getting money for your stuff. However it can be a time consuming process. Buying on eBay may take 8 minutes but selling on eBay can take hours.

Trading assistants do all the work for you. They list your items on eBay, usually for a commission of the final sale price, and all you have to do is wait for a cheque to arrive.

Trading assistants can be individuals working alone or companies with multiple locations. They all do (or should do) the same basic tasks:

  • Test to make sure that the item works
  • Check that branded goods are authentic
  • Take professional photographs
  • Research important details
  • Write a professional listing
  • Place the item in the best eBay category
  • Start the auction at the best time
  • Answer questions from bidders
  • Collect payment from buyer
  • Pack the item carefully
  • Ship it to the buyer
  • Take care of any returns

Due to the work involved in listing items Trading assistants will usually only accept items with a perceived worth of £30 or greater.

What is an eBay Drop-Off Shop

Companies working as trading assistants often have locations where you can drop off items called eBay drop off shops. These are often located on high streets and shopping centres. Auctioning4u is an example of an eBay drop-off shop

Why use a trading Assistant to sell on eBay UK?

Save time and effort. The Trading Assistant handles every aspect of selling your item on eBay, from listing the item to shipping it to the buyer.

  • Feedback. Trading assistants have (or should have) a good feedback score and so they will be trusted by buyers.
  • Selling experience. When listing an item it is important to describe it fully and give all the information which buyers require. Trading assistants are experienced sellers and so will know the information which is required by list an item effectively.
  • Make money. When your item sells you get cash

Should I use an eBay drop off Shop or an Individual Trading assistant

Although an individual acting as a trading assistant will probably give a more personalized service, working with a drop off shop has several advantages

  • Fees. Companies have the economy of scale to charge lower fees
  • Knowledge. Some eBay drop off shops have the scale required to employ specialists in certain areas e.g. collectables and electronics ensuring that you items get properly listed.
  • Consumer protection. If something goes wrong you will have more protection if you are working with an established company.

What to look for in a Trading assistant

  • Fees. Make sure you understand the fees which you are going to be charged for using the service. Check whether these include eBay and PayPal fees
  • Selling experience. Find out what experience of selling the trading assistant has. Some items will require specialist knowledge
  • Feedback rating. A seller’s feedback rating is an indication of their trust worthiness. Check the seller’s feedback score and look at the comments.

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