Why I stopped using Skype

Skype’s new TV adverts can’t hid the fact the some aspects of their service are pretty shoddy.  As a man who like to do things cheaply, when I have been using skype-In to run my business phones.  This seemed like a pretty good solution to me, much cheaper than installing a conventional phone line.

The problem has been that the quality of the incoming calls has been shocking.  Just about every caller would comment on the poor quality of the line.  Other problems include:

  • If you have more than one skype-in number it is impossible to tell which one is calling you
  • It is not possible to turn off a skype in number without turning off the whole of skype
I have started using voipfone.co.uk which is much better and actually cheaper.
I recently emailed Skype twice to get them to cancel my numbers but have received no reply despite the usual ‘we will reply within 48 hours’ autoreply.  Could it be that the customer service ethos of eBay has rubbed off on them?

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