Vzaar – embedded videos for eBay

I have just learned about a new service called Vzaar which is specifically designed for eBay sellers to embed videos in their listings

This service differs from the likes of Youtube as it is intergrated with eBay’s API enabling user to easily integrate the videos into their listings without playing around with the code.

I think that putting videos into eBay ads is a great ideas as it will give users more information about the product, leading to more bids and higher prices.  Video should however be well produced as I am sure a dodgy video could put buyers off!

Comment on “Vzaar – embedded videos for eBay”

  1. Adrian says:

    Thanks for the great words.

    We’re hoping that whilst their will probably be a few dodgy videos (mine are not always the finest of productions) we’ll also get a lot more sellers using video to rise above some of their competition.

    We think Wills video is great. I would love to see Arena also try using a video showing how for example a date goes better with a particular bunch of Arena flowers than without it.

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