Video for Website and eBay product listing Experiments

Video is definiately a growth area in eCommerce. Not to be left behind we have been experimenting with video for the Hello Baby Online Baby shop.

Here is the video uploaded to YouTube. I like the idea of uploading to YouTube because of the syndication potential. However the compression seems to have negatively affected the quality of the video

Here is the same video uploaded to Metacafe

Dachshund ToyThe best bloopers are a click away

Both video sharing services show alternative videos when the video has played which is a bit annoying as I don’t want other people being driven off my site of listing by other videos

I have also experimented with uploading the video to Vzaar

Looks that Vzaar comes out top in terms of video quality. It also doesn’t have the annoying ‘other videos’ option at the end…..


  1. Mike says:

    Joey and Maggie
    Wow – I didn’t expect my experimental video to find it’s way onto a Dachshund blog! Thank you.
    If you have a chance to look you will find the Dachshund Version 3 video better – I found out how to get the logo better merged into the background.
    On blog you will also find the same video as rendered by YouTube, Metacafe and vzaar.
    Best wishes. Mike

  2. Matt Murphy says:


    Not sure about the music, but love the concept.

    Would you consider a child playing with toy on video?
    Appreciate that this would be extremely difficult to achieve, but for some products may work if looks ‘cute’ enough.

  3. Mike says:

    Agree about the music – it was one of the options on Pinnacle video s/w. The later videos have a music box background. Children in videos are great if you have the time to setup and edit. The plan is to have videos of all toys so it’s the turntable!

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