Typewriters make a comeback?

I have recently bought a typewriter (on eBay of course), to try out my new theory of mine.  I have opined before about letters being a successful medium for getting things done*.  To recap, I think that in this world of cheap electronic information, letters are rare and subsequently their impact is greater.  Also, a letter can not be deleted with the touch of a button like an email.

So as an extension to this theory I am going to see if the type written letter will produce an even greater response.  Alternatively the receiver may just think I am mad!


*Incidentially I did eventually get all my money back from eBay,  but I had to resort to drastic measures.  After being repeatedly ignored, I wrote a letter to the MD of eBay UK at his home address which got the ball rolling.

Comment on “Typewriters make a comeback?”

  1. Mike says:

    I should be pointed out that the said typewriter needed to have a bracket bent to make it work. Is this equivalent to rebooting or kicking a computer – discuss!

    It also doesn’t have an active spell checker 🙁

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