Top UK eBay Sellers

According to the new version of Terapeak (using their Hot sellers search) the top sellers on eBay UK in the month 19th Feb-19th March were:

emilyandlily   £1,633,888.71
jean_sale  £1,039,357.00
willen_trading  £850,601.64
e_cell  £761,431.59
digital-rev  £703,445.96
clearancebargains-uk  £682,354.21
bestpricetrading  £650,414.52
digigood  £630,071.55
harbour48  £558,300.46
palicomp  £512,576.86
containerclearancecompany  £492,448.36
ebestdeal4u  £475,756.51
online4babyltd  £469,223.01
schuhstore  £442,139.73
mybesteshop  £436,266.85
luzerntech  £424,825.36
first2save  £417,999.30
saabman1970  £360,525.34
blacksilvertech  £336,197.45
green-doors  £308,284.26
dzone2  £277,563.79
wessexteak1  £275,565.21
gowingstore  £273,014.23
jadlamracing  £271,874.14
fastmemoryman  £269,070.08

I have been trying to get this data for ages! however I am not sure how accurate these figures are as performing a seller report seems to give different figures….  Interesting all the same though




  1. Schuhstore says:

    Hi Tevor,

    Just looking at the new changes to terapeak, and it all looks good, so it will be nice to have it once rolled out to customers.

    Looking at the data you got from it…are you looking at UK sellers in the UK market, or are you looking at all eBay sellers in the UK market?

    Just curious as emilyandlilly are US sellers…if this is the case this will be really good for seeing what our friends in the US are doing in the UK market!



  2. Schuhstore says:

    sorry…forgot to add to previous note…

    We wish we had taken just shy of half a million last month…

    The data is in dollars, so once converted its a bit more realistic.

    Great site by the way…

  3. trevor says:

    Yeah, that does make more sense. The product is in beta, and so there would appear to be some problems to iron out

  4. Jon says:

    Will be interesting to see how these companies fare running up to Christmas, with analysts predicitng that eBay may have a poor season due to the credit crunch.

  5. Brenda Neale1 says:

    there is nothing to compare to KNOWLEDGE, the more you have the better you are to make WISE decisions, thank you

  6. chris james says:

    Just makes you wonder how these people make money on what they sell.

  7. Busted says:

    fastmemoryman has received LOTS of bad feedback….people say he is a fraudster….perhaps that's how he's made so much cash.

  8. Hey, nice post.Thanks for listing the top UK eBay Sellers. You have done the great job .Keep it up

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