Things to go in packages

I’ve been recently pondering things which we could put in our outgoing packages.  Here are my thoughts:

Paper invoices

Some people think these are a bit outmoded, but I am a fan of the paper invoice.  It gives the customer something to hold onto after the sale in case they need to contact us or send the product back.  We print our return information on the invoice which should (theoretically) reduce customer service queries.

Branded gift

I was at a customer day recently and all the exhibitors were giving away mountains of freebies (see Quality Logo Products for examples).  I think this could be quite expensive but would have the advantage of advertising our glorious company from then on.  Hard to measure how effective this would be though.

Postcard flyer

For a while we sent out a postcard flyer in the package which had a discount code.  Send out 10000 and didn’t get used once!

Blank picture for kid to fill in

One of our suppliers has a gallery for customer’s kids pictures on their website where they invite customers to send in their little darling’s doodles.  We printed a blank frame on the back of our invoices inviting kids to scan in their completed design and get a certificate saying the picture had been accepted.  Nice idea which didn’t get much response but we might try it again some time.


Chocolate bar

My brother received a package through the post with a free chocolate bar in it.  He really loved it though I could see this being expensive as we send out about 5000 packages a month


What have your experiences been?



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