The New UK edition of Wired Magazine

In order to amuse myself whilst Mrs eBay, eCommerce, life was in mothercare in Stratford (I do wonder what people will think in 2012 when they come out of Stratford tube and are confronted by one of the most horrible shopping centres in London) I bought the launch edition of the UK version of Wired.  

After reading the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss I decided to implement a trickle down theory of receiving news.  I would not go looking for new information, but (the theory goes) the interesting stuff would find me, via friends and the limited number of news sources I do read (the economist, observer, the odd blog).  Spotify is a success story of this theory.  I heard about it from two different friends and then i downloaded it.  Outstanding.

Whilst saving me a lot of time, I had recently been thinking that perhaps the baby had gone out with the bath water.  Was I missing lots of interesting stuff, was my dinner party conversation suffering?  So, anyway, in order to see what I was missing I bought Wired.  

I am sorry to say that I was a bit disapointed.  I think that wired can’t decided what it is.  Yes there is a lot of stuff in there about technology, but overall the content is not that different from something like Esquire, or any other general interest magazine.  All the usual stuff was here, fashion, gadgets, TV, film, novels which could be found just about anywhere.

£3.90 poorer, I found myself thinking that I should have known better than to stray from the one true path of the Economist (and occaisionally the weekend FT).

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