The law is an ass: Trading Standard’s Krazee rules for Online Retailers

I had a  visit from a trading standards officer the other day who had found some problems with the T&Cs on the Hello Baby website.  Along with some fairly sensible advice, some of the rules in the Distance selling regulations are just bizarre.  I’m not making this up!


  • A customer has 7 days starting the day after the product was delivered to inform you that they wish to return the item.  After this they must return the item within a reasonable period (i.e. unspecified).
  • Refunds should include the postage the customer paid
  • Items which have been returned or assembled and unassembled should be accepted in return


  • Items can be returned in ANY condition and the retailer is obliged by the regulations to issue a full refund.  If an item is returned in an unsalable state, the retailer needs to sue the customer afterwards for not taking due care of  the products.
  • Once a customer notifies the retailer of their wish to cancel the retailer should refund the customer within 30 days whether the items is returned or not (I suppose that this is the logical conclusion of customers being able to return an item in any condition).
I asked her why Amazon get away with stating on their website that opened items cannot be returned.  Apparently this is because Amazon is based in Luxembourg so is not constrained by the UK sale of goods act.  I love Amazon.


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