Interview with SpaceTime CEO and creator Eddie Bakhash


Following my review of Spacetime, a new 3D search tool for eBay and other marketplaces, I have interviewed the CEO, Eddie Bakhash, who has been kind enough to fill us in with some background and developments with his product.

Where do you see SpaceTime fitting into the browser market?

SpaceTime is a next generation media browser that features 3D Search and 3D Tabbed Browsing.  By allowing end users to search an array of content through one search box, SpaceTime eliminates the need for users to hunt for information.  In addition, by displaying information in 3D visual stacks, SpaceTime saves people time by eliminating the need to click back and forth between a list and the items you are looking for.  As PCs become more powerful and bandwidth increases, consumers’ appetite for content will also increase.  SpaceTime offers a solution to this.

How has the uptake been?

We have 200,000 downloads; 500,000 searches; and 5,000,000 impressions in just 37 days.

What is your revenue model since the service is free?

SpaceTime creates new advertising markets leveraging off the proven paid search model, ensuring easy monetization of traffic and creation of a revenue stream.

What do you see as the main advantages of SpaceTime over a normal browser?

  1. Reduces clicks – end users used to have to work by clicking back and forth between an endless list of search results and what they are trying to find.
  2. Eliminates hunt for information – users must no longer find or travel to new search destinations when information is hard to find.
  3. More efficient display of information – the top web destinations are in an information bottleneck using interfaces that are a decade old and cram multimedia into HTML pages
  4. Utilizes dormant computing time – anticipates what the user may seek next, utilizes dormant computing time, and puts the user in a reduced-click computing environment
  5. Convergence – Allows web, video, music, and photos to converge into one 3D solution. 

It looks nice, but will people use it?

Yes.  Once we release SpaceTime out of Beta, we will have perfected all of its functionality and have a full offering of content for end users that our research shows they are awaiting.

What are your plans for the future? 

SpaceTime plans to broaden its content offering, making it a full media portal to include (a) more e-commerce merchants, (b) video, (c) music, (e) 3D eMail, (f) news and (g) more flavors of search.  In addition, we plan on adding community elements to SpaceTime to enable collaboration among its users.


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