Social Media Integration

So you write a blog, have a facebook profile and a myspace page, but find it a bit of a drag to keep everything up to date.  Here are some ways of integrating various profile to cross promote and create content.


  • Using the twitter app, facebook and twitter statuses can be synced. Use twitter to update your status and have it reflected in Facebook
  • Feed your blog post feed into facebook notes
  • Display your Flickr photos on your profile using the Flickr facebook app
  • Display your Delicious bookmarks using the Delicious app


Create a tweet every time you create a blog post. Feed your blog RSS feed into Twitterfeed and this is automatically update twitter when you post



  • Create a list of daily post of Delicious bookmarks.  Go to Settings > Blog postings
  • Add social bookmarking icons to your posts.  Use Sociable or add this


  1. Andy Geldman says:

    Good post, I use twitterfeed and addthis personally.

  2. Guido Jansen says:

    Nice post. I also have some tips about connecting social networks on Also Twitter -> LinkedIn and many other options, most of the time using Web (RSS) feeds.

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