Setting up Outlook for 4 hour Workweek

I have recently been thinking about how best to set up my email thought outlook having read the 4 hour workweek.  In the book Timothy Ferriss suggest answering your emails only twice a day, which I think is a great idea, the problem is that I want to be able to send emails more requently than that.

A friend of mine told me that 99% of requests for new functionality for microsoft products is actually already available, people just don’t know where to look.  I have been trying for ages to set up emails which would send and not recieve, and finally worked out how to do it!

  • Set up an emails address in the usual way
  • In outlook tools > options > Send/receive, create a send/receive group for your new email account which only sends email
  • When you want to send and not recieve emails, select this account only from the send/receive drop down box on the outlook mail menu


  1. My tip is to use MailWasher Pro to scan all of your email to cut out the spam, and set rules to bounce any subscriptions that you can’t remember how to unsubscribe from. Any unwanted mail that gets through to your Outlook set a rule, or add to the MailWasher Pro blacklist so that you never see it again.

    From then on send emails from Outlook as and when you want, and let MailWasher Pro cleanse all your incoming email. It’s amazing how many emails you really don’t want to read that you can prevent from reaching you in the future.

  2. 21 Yr Old Web Entrepreneur says:

    Get “Total Workday Control” (2nd edition) by Michael Linenberger.

    It’s an extremely efficient way to setup your outlook system so that it can manage your entire life really well (i.e. manage all emails, tasks that you need to do each day so that you literally never have to remember what you’re supposed to do each day, automatically handle email that is routine and doesn’t need a specific response or thought by you, etc.).

    It’s a great system that I’ve been using since June that has made my life MUCH EASIER to manage.

    Check it out on amazon or something


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