Review of How to have a Baby on eBay

The nice people at Harriman house have given me a copy of How to have a Baby on eBay: Your One Stop Shopping Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond by Wiz Wharton.

This book is an interesting combination of shopping guide (the full range of baby stuff from monitors to pushchairs) and a guide to buying and selling on eBay.  On the whole I think that it works.  A lot of the time people need a reason to start using eBay, and this books gives concrete examples of how buying stuff on eBay can really cut of the cost of a new addition to the family.

Where I would criticise this books is that it limits itself to eBay.  eBay is not always the cheapest place to buy items online, and I think that it would have been good to point that out.  When I am searching for an item online, I check eBay first  but also the shopping comparision engines and Amazon to try and get the best deal.


  1. Chris says:

    Come on Trevor, “How to have a Baby on eBay, shopping comparision engines and Amazon” just isn’t as sexy a title, if you want to sell books 😛

  2. trevor says:

    I am actually thinking about writing a book – so if I do you can help me with the title Chris!

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