Review of eBay Q&A by Robert Pugh

I have just read eBay Q&A by Robert Pugh, author of the eBay Business Handbook.  Robert compiled this list of topics from questions which were posed through his blog and newsletter the eBay bulletin.  

As opposed to most beginner level books on eBay, this book does not go through a step by step guide to how to use the eBay website (yawn!) but rather concentrates on interesting titbits on how to use eBay.  For example

  • Does the timing of my bid make a difference?
  • What start price should I use?
  • What is a PayPal Chargeback?

The advice is clearly written and easy to digest.  Perhaps good for a  before bedtime snipped of eBay advice!



  1. Actually based on your post, I may say that book could be useful for those who really want answer to their questions on Ebay. Eventhough I have not read that book yet, I could easily say that there may still be some gray areas which have not been revealed in any of those books. These reson behind is that Ebay is not keen revealing these areas. On the other hand, I believe that it is not really easy to discover such things which are kept secret by Ebay deliberetly.
    I have been selling and buying on Ebay for many years like many others out there. I have obviously gained a considerable amount of experience. Especially being an international Ebayer, I would say that, reading books about E-Bay Success, Marketing, E-Trade etc. do help you to come to a certain point where you can really improve your sale sand profit. However after that, if you want to keep your success stable, you need to find your own strategies for Ebay business which is done by a few Ebay seller to be honest.
    I will be sharing my knowledge on your blog as well and I am glad to hear others’ comments.

  2. trevor says:

    I think that reading books is very valuable, as it is a cheap way of learning from other’s experience. I think to a certain extent that is what consultants of all types do, bother to research the material

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