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My friend and fellow blogger Ian Crocrombe, has hit on an interesting idea with the concept of Personal Media Optimisation.  Social  Media Optimisation is a bit of a buzz word these days but what about people doing it on a personal level?

Optimising your online profile is the next logical step on from doing an ego search, i.e. trying to improve your ego search results.  I have to confess it is no accident that if you type Trevor Ginn into Google, all 10 results refer to me.  With the advent of social networks like Facebook and Myspace, a person’s online profile is becoming an important part of their identity.  The need to manage your online identity is also reflected in people search engines like Spock and social media aggregators like Multiply.

Here are my top tips for optimising your online profile:

  • Avoid common names like Smith or Jones
  • Create a blog using your name as the URL.  Blogs are a great way of raising your profile as it lets people know about your areas of expertise.
  • Create profiles on the major social networks using your name as the ID.  Optimise the profiles on these networks for the topics in which you wish to be found e.g. your profession
  • Submit your blog fees to other social networks
  • Create a Amazon wish list
  • Write articles for newsletters and industry portals (in fact any highly ranked site will do)


Comment on “Personal Media Optimisation”

  1. Crowdstormer says:

    Interesting idea, I can see the value in certain people (especially those who own prominent blogs) optimising this kind of personal profile.

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