Optimising Google Maps Entries in the UK

I have recently placed our companies on Google Maps and I have made some interesting observations on how to optimise this service

Optimising Keywords

It would seem on Google Maps that their is no limit to how long the company name can be. It is therefore possible to add keywords to the title which will be found by Google search. Here is an example. Imagine you run a recruitment agency for actors called Cast in London. You could give your company’s entry in Google Maps the title


and place it in the recruitment category Which will ensure that it turns up for searches for recruitment in London. Alternatively you could give it the title

Cast – Actors Recruitment Agency

Which will mean that it will also turn up for searches on these extra keywords

Adding multiple services

To optimise how you are found, you could list multiple entries for your company on Google Maps for the different services you provide. Imagine that our fictional agency also recruits for singers and directors. You could then create two additional entries for your company e.g.

Cast – Singers Recruitment Agency

Cast – Directors Recruitment Agency

Enabling you to appear in extra search results.

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