On the Irony of Online Marketing and Turning Your Phone Off

Recently i have been receiving an almost constant stream of cold calls from online marketing companies.  I think that there probably two reasons for this:

  • Sales people frantically touting for business as sales plummet
  • My websites building their online profile and coming to the attention of sales people
The second point strikes me as slightly ironic.  As soon as a company starts to take an interest in their online profile, submitting their site to leading online directories for example, they start to get calls from online marketing companies.  I wonder if this trend is linear, i.e. the better you get the more sales calls you receive.  It certainly seems that way to me at the moment.
Online marketing people of the world, stop being lazy and getting your leads from online directories like Scoot, go out there and find some companies which really need your help
Which leads me to my second point, today I took the momentous decision to switch my work phone to answerphone, I just could not cope with the constant sales calls.  All of a sudden I a great sense of calm came over me and I started to actually get some work done.  Sure I might miss a few sales, but I think that this is more than compensated by extra productivity.
Turn off your phones you have nothing to gain but more time and less stress!


  1. Dunstan says:

    Trevor I’m totally into what you are saying about leaving the phone off sometimes. I think you will enjoy this blog: feed://www.carlhonore.com/?feed=atom


  2. Steve says:

    As much as i’d like to switch on the answer machine there will always be missed sales/ opportunities because a great deal of people hate talking to machines and will put the phone down…. great for tedious marketing company calls but not so great for a lost sale who will go to the next seller on his list instead of leaving a message in the hope that you’ll call back before he runs out of patience. If you do get a marketing company call then you can usually tell within 30 secs… if your not interested they soon ge the message when you cut them off in mid flow from their oratory of the company script.


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