New eBay Books

I have just finished reading two "new" books on eBay ("new" as they are second editions).  Both provide a good introduction to selling on eBay and touch on other topics such as multi channel online marketing.

Make Serious Money on eBay UK 


Dan Wilson was until recently the community manager for eBay UK, giving him an insiders view of the industry.  His guide to eBay is highly readable and comprensive guide to buying and selling on eBay.  It also covers the basics of selling on eBay as a business and has some useful advice on setting up a business e.g. registering as self employed etc.

The new edition had section on developments such as eBay express and also expanded content on on selling online in general.  

Dan writes clearly and with authority and I think his book is an excellent for new and intermediate eBay sellers. If I have one gripe about the book is that I have been slightly misquoted on page 255.  I think that selling on multiple channels is an excellent idea, I just don’t think that any other auction site except eBay are worth bothering with.  To make things clear, I would not wipe my arse with Tazbar and CQout.   

eBay the Smart Way 


Joseph Sinclair’s book is similarly comprehensive, but reads more like a software manual than Dan’s more chatty book.  However, eBay the smart way is a longer and more comprehensive book, with much more advice on areas such as bidding strategy and using photo editing software to create compelling photos. 

Similarly to Dan’s book, eBay the smart way also includes advice on setting up a business and expanding beyond eBay.  Worth a read,  but a bit dry. 



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