My top tips for selling more stock online

Last year we managed more than to double our sales so I thought I would share some of the (frankly pretty basic) things that worked.

Watch stock levels

Pretty simple stuff really, but by having enough of the right products we saw an enormous uplift in sales.  For example we went from selling 3 bath seats every day to about 30*.

Sell on multiple online marketplaces

If you don’t mind paying the fees, online marketplaces are an extremely easy way to generate more sales as they have a ready made, international audience.  Our experience has been:

  • International Amazon sites have been a huge success.  We sell about £10K a month on each of Amazon FR and DE
  • International eBay sites mixed bag.  We do quite well on but others have performed weakly.
  • sales have been growing, albeit from a low base. We now sell about 3K/month
Our software, eSellerPro, is very good at intergrating with online marketplaces and so getting this sorted was fairly straightforward.  This year the plan is to make our website sing which I fear will be much more difficult
* We are back down to about 3 a day again as Amazon saw that we were selling this product in volume and bought it in.  Cheers Jeff.



  1. Hi Trevor,
    Great post and great tips. Really liked them and would love to share it with my friends. Thank for the share..

  2. Wow this is a great news and would have to wait and watch what kind of reactions are going to be given for this information….

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