Mixed Uptake of Social Media Among Top Online Retailers

I’ve been doing some research into the social media uptake of major online retailers and usage is patchy to say the least.  Here is a list of the top online retailers in the UK taken from Hitwise.  If I have missed out any features, this is because they are hard to find!

  Blog Twitter Bookmarking Product Reviews Facebook
eBay UK x x     x
Amazon UK   x   x  
Play.com   x   x x
Argos   x      
Marks & Spencer   x      
Next   x x   x
John Lewis          
ASOS x x x   x
Tesco Direct   x      
Debenhams x x x   x
Apple UK          
TopShop.com x x x   x
Ticketmaster UK     x x x
  31% 69% 31% 25% 50%

I was particularly surprised at the low take up of blogs.  Don’t Argos, Tescos et al realise that blogs are great for driving traffic and connecting with customers.  Take up of twitter is high, but even sites like Debenhams and M&S who use twitter do not display it anywhere on their websites.  Tesco have a twitter account but have only tweeted once, last april.  Debenhams have a blog, twitter account and facebook page but you would never know that from their webpage.

Best in class is Top Shop with well advertised social media profiles containing quality content.


  1. Ed says:

    Hey There,

    I have always said that social media is the way to go or any business, however most of the big retailers do not think outside of the offline box so to speak, they have become to set in there ways using offline advertising campaigns!

    The tv commercial medium they mainly use is not targeted towards the right customers, it is to broad on viewers, they need educating on using the power of online advertising especially social media!


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