Message from PWC, Administrators of Clockworx

We understand that there are a relatively small number of faulty/not as described disputes opened on Paypal for items bought after 31st Jan 08. Customers should not return such goods to Clockworx premises as they are now closed and we will not be able to recover items sent to those premises after 28 February 2008. Instead, please send them to:

Archway / Less Than Trade
Unit 23
502 Hornsey Road
London N19 4EF

We can also confirm that the remaining 3 pallets of items sold post-administration (31st Jan 08 and onwards) will be dispatched by close of business on Friday 22 Feb 08. There will be no further dispatches after that date. We believe that all sales orders will then have been dispatched, subject to delays at the couriers’ own offices.

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