Link Building Strategies

I’ve been doing quite a lot of link building recently, what with building natural search traffic being a rather cost effective way of marketing.  Here are some strategies I have used:


I’ve found sending flowers or chocolate to target directories to be a very effective way of getting listed fast.  Only really worth it for high authority sites!


People love a freebie!  Asking other bloggers to review products can be cost effective way of building incoming links.  One of our toys for example is about £6-8 wholesale.  Here is an example review.

Content Swap

Writing content for other people’s blog is sometimes a good tactic if you have something interesting and relevant to say.  Don’t make it too salesey or in fact, salesey at all.  Here is an post which combines my passions for entrepreneurship and baby products.


  1. Ed says:


    One good and I have to say very powerful way to get your blog noticed, I mentioned blog because they are the most loved and indexable websites out there on the net!

    Is to register your blog at blog directories like 'Technorati', this builds you good baclinks from other blog owners coming in from the directories, and if your blog and theirs are in the same niche, then this gives you good standing for relevance on Google!

  2. Barry Wells says:

    Hi, that's the sort of post i like: short and to the point with good examples.

    Excellent, please keep them coming

  3. watsandrew says:

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