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Export your store is an interesting new service which allows eBay sellers to quickly load their inventory into the Amazon marketplace.  Being both an eBay and an Amazon seller I know only too well:

  • uploading inventory on multiple platforms is a real pain
  • selling on Amazon has a massive potential for sales.  At Hello Baby we make over 50% of our sales through Amazon UK, FR and DE
Here is my interview with Alex:

1. Please explain briefly how your product works and how it benefits customers:
Our service lets you export your eBay store to the Amazon Marketplace in a few clicks. The service is easy to use and helps sellers increase sales and benefit from what the Amazon Marketplace has to offer – reaching a wide variety of customers and markets.

A seller can choose which items he wants to export to Amazon. Our service lets you choose the items and then review and edit item descriptions, key features, product codes, condition, price and quantity with minimum effort.
Once finishing the review, the export is completed automatically, notifying the seller via email when the items are on Amazon.

2. What kind of eBay sellers would most benefit from selling on Amazon?
Any seller wishing to increase his or hers sales will truly benefit from our service. Becoming a Multi-Channel seller with a vast selling span has never been easier.

Our customers are very diverse sellers, selling items ranging from electronics, art, fashion apparel and collector items.
Moreover, we think that selling on both platforms is a prospective strategy because of the stats that show that Amazon and eBay are growing rapidly. Amazon is the largest online shopping site on the internet attracting 20 million visitors a month followed by eBay which attracts 15 Million visitors.

3. From my experience of uploading products to Amazon, most categories require a barcode. Does your software support this?
Yes, our service supports defining item parameters such as ISBN, UPC and EAN codes.

The main product code input is as follows:

  • ISBN, UPN, EAN parameters that can be added manually by the seller.
  • If the codes above are part of the eBay listing, our system will recognize this and import this data automatically.
  • Usage of the “Amazon Product Match” system.

4. What happens if a product being listed is already in the Amazon catalogue? How does your software pick this up?
Continuing, what we stated above, the service has a product matching, automatic process which analyzes if the product is already in the Amazon catalogue. The match is based on item title, description and code (ISBN / UPC / EAN).

5. Which countries are supported?
At the current time, we support the domain. In the near future we will support the UK and other domains.
We see expanding to these domains a very important objective.

6. What are your plans for the future?
We’re planning to expand our service so that a seller’s eBay and Amazon stores \ items are fully synchronized, giving him or her full control over inventory, selling information and enabling them to maximize ones selling opportunities.

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