Interview with CMYPitch CEO Emmett Kilduff

I have done an interview with the Emmett Kilduff, CEO of CMYPitch, a website which allows small businesses to access funding, mentoring and advice.  I am interested in this idea as I know how hard it is for small businesses to get off the ground, especially regarding raising finance

TPG: What is the elevator pitch for CMP.

EK: provides online services and networking for UK small businesses. Our video-based website has five distinct business communities for anyone starting, running, growing or selling a business. With a directory of 71,000 service providers to small and growing businesses, as well as a dedicated “Entrepreneur TV” channel featuring exclusive interviews with hugely successful business leaders, provides a platform to help entrepreneurs succeed.

TPG: Can you give us some background on the company and the idea.

EK: It launched in June 2008 and responds directly to both Labour and Conservative Party commitments to providing a national web-based support service that would increase small business access to finance, mentoring and advice. cmypitch is the only website for small companies and entrepreneurs fully utilising the power of video and user-generated content to bring business to life.

TPG: How does CMP differentiate itself from other business social networks such as linked in.

EK: Linkedin is aimed at people in medium and large companies. We are specifically aimed at UK small businesses.

TPG: Do you think that CMP is going to make it easier for small businesses to get funding.  Will people be reluctant to post their ideas up on the web?

EK:Yes. Small businesses can pitch to individual angels, angel networks, seed funds, venture capital firms, venture capital trusts all in one place, for free. By this time next year we will have one of the largest investor networks in the world. The pitches are only viewed by self-certified investors i.e. they are not viewed by the British public, therefore people are happy to post their pitches on our site.

TPG: How does the site make money?

EK: The site is free for entrepreneurs and investors to use. We make our money from service providers by B2B lead generation. We bring together in one place all the services small businesses need (see Each time a small business seeks a service via our site we make money.

TPG: What are your plans for the future?

EK: In the short term our plans are to make the best website in the UK that provides online services and networking to small businesses. In early next year we will have some very exciting announcements that will help small businesses. In the medium term we have plans to launch in several other countries.


  1. David says:

    The interview is beneficial to small business owners, as well as small business starters

  2. Marleen Duffy says:

    Emmett Kilduff's cmypitch business has gone bust, as have his previous business ventures. Emmett Kilduff has repeatedly been a failure in business, hyping up things to generate publicity, when the reality of this business going bankrupt and his previous initiatives failing is that he does not have the skill to hack it in the world of business. I have lost a lot of money because of Emmett Kilduff.

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