How to Write an eBay About Me Page

Your “About Me” page is the first place buyers go when they want to find out more about an eBay seller. Is is also a great opportunity to drive sales and cross-sell products. It is a free billboard where you can showcase your entire line of products and make a strong first impression.Here are some tips for enhancing your About My Store page:

  • Focus on the area “above the fold” – the screen area buyers see first before scrolling down.
  • Graphics work so use photos or graphics of items that link to actual product. Don’t simply list the types of products you sell-make each picture a hot link.
  • Avoid Clutter. Once they land on your page, don’t confuse visitors with a clutter of items. Feature one item prominently – such as a “Hot Buy” or “Deal of the Week.”
  • Contact Details reassure buyers. List your phone number and contact info prominently so buyers can reach you easily.
  • Good navigation. Organize your merchandise into a clickable index for easier navigation.
  • Calls to Action. Pepper the page with numerous calls to action such as “Bid Now” or “Buy Now.”

A well-designed, beautiful About Me page will move more product. If you’ve invested in a logo or branding, feature it prominently as part of your overall design.

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  1. “About me” is a main part of any website and a brief information on the topic.Yes , its a great opportunity to drive sales and cross-sell products. Duplicate payments

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