How to get your blog indexed on Technorati


Sometimes the old ways are the best.  I registered this blog on Technorati about a year ago but they never seemed to register my new posts, despite the fact I was pinging their server.  I tried emailing but got no reply.  The ‘top’ blog search engine clearly was not interested in what I had to say!

A quick web search showed that several other people were having a similar problem with getting their blogs indexed.  I was not so bothered about getting traffic from Technorati, but a lot of people use technorati’s Authority rating to as an indication of the quality of a blog’s content.  My low authority was brusing my pride and drastic times called for drastic measures

As a last ditch attempt to get through I wrote a letter to a bigwig at Technorati, stating how dismayed I was with their level of service.  Within a week my problem was resolved.  The eBay, Ecommerce, life now has an authority of 26 and all my posts appear in the Technorati search.

With many people receiving 100s of emails a day, I have often found that snail mail is a very effective way of making things happen.  For some reason people sit up and take notice – try it next time a company or organisation is not up to standard.


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  1. Mark Kenny says:

    Nice advice Trevor. Who would have thought the best way to contact an online company is by old fashioned Royal Mail. Glad it’s sorted now.

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