Hello Baby eBay Listings

I (well not me personally), have created an listing template for my new eBay business, Hello Baby.  I thought I would go through my design rationale and invite comments:



  • Two column design.  Although I think the proponents of three column listing and shop designs such as Frooition do an excellent job for a very reasonable price, three column designs are a bit busy for my liking.
  • Clear branding.  Too many eBay listings ignore the opportunities which a free text HTML description field gives to build a brand and drive traffic to a website through search.
  • Large images.  Images are 600 x 500 pixels, large enough to give buyers a good look at the product.  An image gallery make it easy to toggle between images
  • Shop categories.  Hard coded unfortunately, but the idea is to allow browers to navigate between listings.  In the future we hope to have a more sophisticated gallery.
  • Shop search.  again, to allow users to find other products for sale
  • Contact details.  From a personal point of view, I find contact details reassuring.  It is also an opportunity to display the URL of my (as yet unlaunched) website to customers
  • Payment and postage information.  The idea here is to give as much information as possible to customers, encouraging sales and reducing non payers.

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