Google Keyword tool includes traffic data

I noticed when using Google’s keyword tool the other day that they are now including actual traffic data. Previously only a relative indication of traffic volume was given. This is exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, and more obviously, it helps when selecting keywords for the SEO and PPC campaigns. Secondly, I think that it will be really useful as a barometer of what people are interested in. For example:

  • Product selection.  When selecting products to purchase, it can be used to judge which products are most popular by search volume
  • Brand popularity.  By looking at search volumes, it will be possible to get a measure of the popularity of a brand.

Previously this kind of detailed information was only available through products such as hitwise which cost a fortune.  I also wonder how keyword tools such as wordtracker will react to the release of this data. Their data is taken from Yahoo, which is a poor measure of search volumes.

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