Musings on Google Adwords Professional Exam

Google Adwords professional exam

I recently passed my Google Adwords professional exam and so I though that I would share some knowledge of the exam, as there does not seem to be that much out on there on the web.

In general the exam was quite straight forward, apart from a few rather odd questions. For example, how does Google rename ad groups which you have you have the same name. This confused me because google does not allow you to do this, but unfortunately this was not one of the options.

Questions on the following topics did not appear in the test, which was annoying as I had spent ages revising them

  • Google API
  • Adwords Editor
  • Google Analytics

All other sections, including selling adwords, were included.


  1. Paul says:

    Hi, and thank you for recognising the fact that there are no tips for passing the adwords exam.

    I want to take the exam however would like to find some questions that people have been asked in the exam.

    Can you remember any of the questions please?



  2. Jason says:


    I am currently prepping to take the exam, and had a few questions.
    Are the questions on the exam different for everone?
    Did you have resources to help you during the test and if you did what did you use?

  3. Eily says:

    The exam questions for everyone are different, and vary significantly, I took it recently and unfortunately failed!! I found some questions were quite bad written, and ambiguous, and there was not enough information in a lot of the questions to give a correct answer. Or in some cases there was more then one correct answer!

    What I would recommend to everyone is to have full knowledge of how the actual account itself works, as there were a lot of questions on that!! The layout, how and where you can change and edit certain items etc.

    I only failed by 2% grrr!

  4. I passed the exam yesterday. I went through every lesson and qiz in the learning center – twice. I also took copious notes for reference during the exam. You will never find the answers in the lessons/notes – the questions are differently worded, or the information is NOT provided.
    All I have to say is good luck. Many of the questions were ambiguous and/or outdated; in some cases there was more than one correct answer to a question. I was scared half to death.
    Also, I took it in my office on a day when everyone decided to be as loud as possible. Try to take the exam in a quiet place!
    Somehow I passed – but wait until you have about a year of hands-on experience as well as the lessons under your belt!

  5. fire says:

    hey All,

    I am preparing for PPC exams. I am going through the material from last 20 days & i am thinking of taking the exam in another 10 days. so that i will be thorough with the material. Will it be too early for me to take the exam or do i have to wait for few more days?

  6. Simon says:

    I’ve looking to take this exam soon. Is it all multiple choice?

  7. Rachel Probert says:

    try the site is still in beta but theres 60 free questions to help with some revision.

  8. What if you fail the exam?
    do they give you more another chance?

  9. Tanya S says:

    Victor, I remember that it says you can re-sit the exam any time if you fail.

    I just passed the exam. I studied, studied and studied but didn’t help much. Some questions are odd, and one would think irrelevant. There was one about the size of picture file you can upload for banner ad, and that was the subject I spent time the least. I printed all the lessons and had them with me, had the learning center page open on another tab – i couldn’t find that answer anywhere. Not that you would have enough time to try to find all answers anyway.

    I took a laptop to a meeting room to avoid disruption from colleagues. Note to those taking the exam, check your PC and connection. It must be the laptop – i don’t know, but I lost about 10 seconds for every question load!! (You will see 1 question at a time.) If you don’t know the answer – guess. If you’re not sure, check one anyway cuz you can go back to it later once you’ve done all 110 of them (note down which one to go back though). They’re all multiple choice, but take notice on the answers because you can choose more than 1 answers on some questions – and there’s no hint! Read carefully because it’s not always a straightforward QA.

    They do change their exam from time to time, and I hear they are about to. So if you have done some study, hurry!

  10. Priya Iyer says:

    This was a wonderful information on GAP test. I have already appeared on GAP and passed it 3 years back. Have worked alot on adwods but still afraid of twisted questions. Which are very simple to understand but pressure of time limit and passing the exam makes you feel nervous to take the question simply.

  11. Kabita says:

    I am going to sit for the same tomorrow….so you guys please wish me luck…..

  12. erdincgc says:

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  13. erdincgc says:

    google has an anaytics certification programme. So adwords test does not include it.

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  14. Gendo says:

    just wondering …. did anybody paid you the cup of coffee?

  15. Ciprian Cherciu says:

    thanks a lot for the review
    I'm learning now and any advice is more than welcome.

    Thanks a lot !

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