Getting Images into Google Image Search

Google image search represents a opportunity to build traffic through Google and is especially relevant to online retailing companies.

When using images on a site, follow the following best practise to maximise the potential for image search inclusion:

  • Use descriptive alt and title attribute tags for each image 
  • Caption images using adjacent text for context
  • Ensure image file uses a standard format with image file added with an appropriate extension, i.e. .gif, .jpeg, .png
  • Use a smaller thumbnail linking to a larger image on a separate page with its own title and caption 
  • Use keywords in image file names
  • Enable enharnced image search in Google webmaster tools

Comment on “Getting Images into Google Image Search”

  1. I have been wondering how to get my pictures from my web onto Google images, so this is useful to me, however, could you explain a bit more about what this means;

    Use descriptive alt and title attribute tags for each image

    What is descriptive alt and what are title attribute tags?

    I save my pics with titles such as: Black_Rasta_Peak_Beret_hat.

    Is this what you mean? is this any good?


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