GetitNext – good eBay searching site


I have just been alerted to the launch of an new eBay searching site – getitnext.   This site has rather nice functionality, allowing users to refine their seaches using tag clouds and selecting categories from a graphical category tree.

The application also allows buyers to find hot items within a particular category i.e. items with the most bids, and deals i.e. items with no bids, a functionality with eBay also does not have.

So in summary, this is a search app which actually adds value to the user.  My only worry for the people of getitnext is that eBay could so easily borrow their ideas.


  1. Chris says:

    Not impressed with getitnext at all Trevor.

    Firstly it’s an only feature and secondly it’s out of date. Since Finding 2.0 has launched it’s pretty much obsolete as evidenced by their own example of an ipod nano. Search for ipod nano on and you do NOT get accessories as they suggest, you get the new search results page 🙂

    It’s a nice attempt to get some affiliate traffic. It’s an even nicer attempt to get bloggers to blog about it. But it really doesn’t offer anything over and above eBay search.

  2. trevor says:

    Yeah, Ok, it is not a great departure from eBay, but I thought it had some nice features.

  3. Jamie says:

    Hey, thanks for the reference-I’m gonna have to say that I found the site quite interesting. Though I agree it isn’t packed with features like ebay is, this is what I liked the most about it. The site was really simple and provided everything a non tech savvy person like myself would need to find what my kids want this year for the holidays.

    Oh yeah, love the ‘Find a Deal’ tab, hopefully I can save some money on these darn webkinz.


  4. aaron says:

    chris, im a power seller and spend alot of time in the ebay forums and have found that I am not alone in my distaste for 2.0. check out the forums on it, there are 1000 of posts from angry sellers who hate finding 2.0 and various other changes on the live site because of reduced sales. ebay is only as good as their sellers and we are leaving in droves.

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