Friendfeed – am I missing the point?


I have been playing around with the next flavour of the month friendfeed.  For the uninitiated, friend feed allows users to aggregiate all the social media feeds into one place, see my friend feed here Friendfeed has the following difference to other aggregator sites (or certainly plaxo and facebook)

  • The friend feed can be made publically available so a logon is not required
  • Other users can comment on items in the feeds

There is no denying that this is a very user friendly tool but I can’t help thinking that it is not all that different from other sites which aggregiate feeds such as Facebook and Plaxo and also pretty easy to emulate.  Will it be the twodogs* of the social network market, popular until everyone else bought out exactly the same thing.

* a popular alcopop which faded from view when everyone else realised that it was easy to mix neat ethanol with fizzy pop and sell it to teenagers.


  1. The problem with TwoDogs was that it tasted like toilet cleaner…

    Anyway, Friendfeed. It’s like Facebook without the stupid vampires/mobsters/etc. I quite like it. I’ll like it better when people I know are using it: I used to think Twitter was pointless until there were some people I was interested in knowing about using it. I think Friendfeed will be the same deal.

  2. Dan Wilson says:

    Yeah, I can see the value and they’ve done quite a nice job but having another thing to ‘maintain’ doesn’t fill my heart with joy.

    Ironically, the one social network I would like to ditch is Facebook, becuase it doesn’t add much to the variety of other networks I am member of… but I’m too firmly entrenched there.

  3. M.C. Nygard says:

    Thanks for the tip on FriendFeed. I’ll give it a try. I’m not much into Facebook or Myspace. I never heard of Plaxo, so I’ll give that venue a try as well. Actually, Lazzeo and Yuwie are my favorite places because I may as well share in the advertising revenues as I connect with people from around the world. (I like to promote my Web sites using social networking.) Anyway, I look forward to using Friendfeed. Thanks.

    Thanks so much!
    — M.C. Nygard

    PS. Here are some cool ideas for Yuwie users that can actually apply for other social networking sites.

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