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I have been doing some investigation into shopping comparison sites and to my surprise, Google Product search is not the only one that is free.  A very unscientific survery of Google search results suggests that that these free shopping comparison sites appear in the natural search frequently, and so are worth exploring

So, dear reader, here is a round up of free shopping comparison and simlar sites.

Shopwiki is shopping comparison engine which combines web crawling with consumer reviews.  To get included, a retailer simply needs to submit their shop for crawling.  They can then create a merchant profile if they wish.  

Results from shopwiki seem to appear frequently in the natural search results.  Although Shopwiki will tell the merchant how many of their products have been indexed, unhelpfully they do not say which ones.  They offer a PPC scheme to promote listed items, but without knowing which items are listed, this does not seem much use.

Shopmania runs a two tier scheme with free standard listings and a PPC program for premium listings.  Listing is achieve via a feed file.

Le Guide run shopping portals, Gooster and and submission of products is free via a feedfile. is a US based shopping search engine where sites can be submitted for crawling.  

Mydeco is a shopping portal for design lead products, mainly furniture, but some other homewares too.  Inclusion is free, but partners much go through a selection process.

Kaboodle is a social shopping site which appears occaisionally in the search results.  Whilst not a shopping comparison site as such, its inventory of consumer submitted products allows products to compare products from different retailers


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