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eBay Articles

15 Ways to Avoid Fraud on eBay

eBay fraudsters are a resourceful lot, but you must stay one step ahead.  This article provides a list of the most popular methods to part you from your money and personal information

14 Ways to reduce eBay and PayPal fees

Lots of eBay seller pay higher fees to eBay and PayPal than than need to, this article discusses 14 great ways to say money.

7 Ways to boost your eBay Sales

7 ways to grow your eBay sales through optimising your eBay presence

eBay Listing types and their uses

eBay now offers a plethora of different listing types.  This article discusses the when to use which format for the best results

eBay’s Rules Explained

eBay’s rules are a bit of a nightmare to comprehend.  Here is a brief guide for the uninitiated.

How to Create an eBay About Me Page

Write a great about me page which boosts your sales

Opening and eBay shop and choosing your subscription levels

What is an eBay shop?  What are the relevative benefits of Basic, featured and advanced subscription levels

How to Avoid eBay Scams

A comprenhensive list of eBay scams and how to avoid getting caught

Writing a good eBay listing

Advice on writing a killer eBay auction listing!

Trading Standards Guidelines for eBay

How UK government legislation relates to professional eBay sellers.

Search Engine Optimisation for eBay

how to optimise your eBay presence and listings to build natural search traffic from search engines such as Google and Yahoo!

Using Squidoo and eBay guides and reviews

using Squidoo and eBay review and guides to build traffic to your listing and boost sales.

eCommerce Articles

Brief Guide to Search Engine Optimisation

Bite sized introduction to search optimisation for your business

Blogging Articles

Customising your blogs

Tips on how to pimp up your blog

Monitizing your blog

This article lists the ways I have used to monitize my blog including advertising and affiliate schemes

Promoting your blog

Ways to build your web traffic and make a name for your self in the blogging community