eSellerPro supporting PlayTrade


eSellerPro has become the first software provider to support‘s playtrade platform.  Playtrade allows third party items to be sold alongside’s own products, in a very similar way to the Amazon marketplace.

I have no data on how effective Playtrade is as a marketplace.  However with low commission rates (about 10% – no listing fee) it is certainly worth looking into. 

I think that Playtrade is an interesting platform and perhaps indicative of the future of online selling with high traffic websites (e.g. Amazon, Playtrade) selling other products alongside their own, turning their site into a marketplace.  The website benefits by increasing choice without buying extra stock and getting commission from the sales monitizing their web traffic.  The seller benefits from the potential to reach a bigger the websites large customer base.

With products like Ztail allowing products to be listed on any website in future ecommerce to become more distributed and any website with traffic could become a fixed price marketplace.

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  1. Thibaut says:

    I didn’t know ztail, but which is similar…

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