eBay Store number continue to rise

Despite the rise in eBay fees last summer, eBay shop numbers have continued to rise.  The following charts show that total eBay shops have risen by 10% since the price increase. 

eBay.co.uk shows a small drop around the price increase and a more major drop around december/January.




eBay.com and total shop numbers shows more pronounced charges around the price changes and new year 




I am not sure whether the  December drop is a seasonal thing, a delayed reaction to the price changes or some sort of new year evaluation of eBay upgrades.  Whatever the reason eBay shops appear to be in rude health.  The Last auctionbytes survey suggested that many eBay sellers were thinking of leaving eBay.  It appears that if this did happen, others have replaced them.   My previous post also shows that eBay sales growth is strong

eBay shops data was obtained from Listmystore.com

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