Search Engine Optimsation For eBay

Search engine optimisation for eBay has two purposes.

  1. Ensuring that your product for sale on eBay are found by the major search engines
  2. Promoting your brand through eBay.

This article covers the ways in which eBay can be optimised for search engine inclusion

Optimisting eBay Item Description Copy

As with any webpage, keywords in the titles and copy of the page contribute to search engine rankings. Choses three or so keywords for each page and ensure that they are in your item title and in any secondary titles. You should also bold the keywords once each. Your keywords are probably the brands of the products which you sell.

Optimising eBay Custom Pages and About Me Page

These pages should be used to build your brand on eBay and promote your business in general. Ensure that the pages include keywords about your business. For example on the auctioning4u eBay shop the Our Services page has been renamed to Our eBay Drop-Off Service

Remember that you are allowed to have a link to your website on your about me page. This contributes to the page rank of your website.

Adding Keywords to eBay shops

In the eBay shop setup there is a option for search engine optimisation of the shop. In this area it is possible to enter keywords for which you wish the shop to be found. These words are placed in the

Completing the keywords for all your eBay pages is an extremely effective way for your eBay shop to be found. Take care that your keywords reflect search queries for which you wish to be found.

Shop Categories

For the shop category homepages, the name of the shop category appears in the

Optimising Shop names and eBay Usernames

eBay shop names appear in the

Reviews and Guides

Articles and guides are new to eBay and so it is not clear how much they can contribute to SEO. I would recommend that you write a few buyers guides to your products and then link these back to your eBay shops.

eBay guides cannot link outside eBay so use guides to drive traffic to your eBay shop.

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