eBay India starts a shopping cart


eBay India has incorporated a shopping cart into its site.  This will allow sellers to add items into a ecommerce style shopping basket from multiple sellers and pay for these all at once.  This is a great improvement on the current situation where items have to be selected and bought at the same time, there is no ablilty to interchange items, unlike in most websites.

I have not tried out the basket as I don’t want to buy anything, so I will be curious to find out how it works for auction items.  Also what happens when an item is in the shopping basket but is not yet paid for – can other people buy it or is it reserved?

Comment on “eBay India starts a shopping cart”

  1. It doesn’t work on auction items – the “add to cart” button only appears on BINs. And I don’t think you’ll be able to try the basket out yet, as it’s unfortunately only available for Indian-registered members. All the more reason to make noise about getting it implemented on the UK site!

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