eBay Feedback 2.0

so what is Feedback 2.0 and what do I think of it

What is it?

The major changes are as follows

  • Detailed Seller Ratings allow buyers to rate transactions based on item description, communication, delivery time, and postage & packaging charges.
  • Item title and price.  The item title and item price to the new Feedback Profile page, just below the Feedback comment and User ID. This information will remain available for 90 days.

What do I think of it?I am broadly in support of the proposed feedback system.  The old system was a pretty blunt instrument, very much all or nothing.  This new system should add granularity to the system, rewarding really good service.  It should also allow buyers to see who offers a poor service in a particular area.

I do however worry that this is all going to get a bit complicated and that nobody will bother to complete the new metrics. 


  1. Mountie says:

    The big problem is exactly what you said but with ONE glaring error “Nobody will bother to complete the new metrics”….. except those that have had a bad buying experience when they’ll take the opportunity to hammer the seller. Just consider Amazon where hardly anyone bothers to leave feedback except when they want to complain! Another indication that eBay haven’t a clue how this will play out is Bill Cobbs assurance to US sellers that it would be tested in other countries before before the US so they don’t have to worry that they’re feedback will be affected. Well thanks Cobb – shows just what you think of the UK and other countries sellers that you’re happy to mess around and test on their feedback. More info on Tamebay

  2. Ray says:

    The implementation schema for feedback 2.0 is a farce.

    If the ratings were confidential and left as a tool for sellers to evaluate their own performance and customers perspectives it would be great. However, allowing someone to post anonymous ratings which are then displayed to the public does nothing but breed anonymous cowards who are free to crucify a seller and walk away without having to justify an adverse rating. To further facilitate this farce eBay refuses to provide a rating of buyers, including those who use the feedback process as retaliation when a seller refuses to hunker down to the types of extortion that are attempted regularly in the ebay venue.

    Given the fact that Bay itself is responsible for the creation of the rating system and categories, it will do little more than allow ebay to brow beat and force sellers int o complying with eBay’s corporate interests while using the buyers to accomplish the tasks.

    How about a public rating of eBay and Paypal after every transaction… How good would that be for the proverbial goose?

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