Direct Debit Fraud on eBay

I recently had a problem with eBay where someone used my bank account details to set up a direct debit, presumably hoping I would not notice. For about the first time in my entire life there was enough money in my bank account to cover that £1000 which was withdrawn

I used to put my bank account details on my auctions as I could not think of a way in which they could be used, they are on every cheque after all.

I suppose that this could be a mistake but I would have thought that that would be a bit unlikely. Hmmmm, keep your wits about you I suppose.  I got my money back straight away thankfully!


  1. Duncan says:

    Thanks for this, I too post my Bank Details all over eBay, any idea what would’ve happened if you hadn’t noticed straight away?

    By the way, I quite like EggPay, and with knowledge of this I’m going to switch entirely, for people who want to pay by BACS anyway.
    It keeps your bank details secure, and like BACS is free (you only see the other persons email address).

  2. trevor says:

    I am not sure if there is a time limit on claiming back DD payments. The payment was for about 1500 which represents a fairly hefty amount of ebay sales, i.e. it was a established seller. They then proceeded to try and take another £1000 from my account after I had alerted eBay and the police.

    Although it is possible that this was all a mistake, but it seem a bit unlikely. I am preplexed that a serious eBay seller would try and pull something like this off as it is so easy to detect. Presumably they through that I was a big eBay seller and they I would not notice.

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