eBay and Squidoo


I have recently noticed that more and more eBay sellers are using Squidoo to promote their items and so I have decided to reassess Squidoo as a way of driving traffic to eBay and other transactional websites.

Quite a few eBay sellers seem to be using Squidoo to promote their products.  These seem to be the smaller sellers with niche, funky products which people will like to read about.  Here are some examples:


The team at Squidoo have also written an eBook encouraging eBay sellers to get on board.  You can download it here 

What do the top lenses to do get up the list 

Although it is not possible to get traffic details about the different lenses on Squidoo, it is possible to see their ranking.  From a quick analysis of some of the top lenses they seem to have the following in common

  • The have a lot of content.  A lot of time and care has gone into these lenses.  Their modules are mainly text based with  only liberal use of the eBay and amazon modules.
  • Multiple lenses have been linked together to give a greater variety of
  • They have used images to brighten up their content.

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  1. Squidoo “lense” is a good solution to promote products (i.e. E-Bay products).

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