eBay Vs the rest (Tasbar, CQout, QXL)

New auction sites pop up all the time and with recent price rises on eBay, many powersellers have been grumbling about moving to other sites. But are they any good? The data below would seem to suggest caution.

Auctioning4u handbag Trial

We tried selling idential designer handbags across several leading auction sites. Over the last few months we have sold many Harpers & Queen Brown Cowhide Briefcase Joyanatura so we decided to try idential listing on other auction sites. Over the period of the trial we have sold 17 for an average price of £27 (ranging from £12.50 to £63) on eBay. Data for the other sites is as follows:

  • CQout: No Bid, 15 viewers
  • eBid: No Bid, 6 viewers
  • QXL: 1 Bid at 99p, 102 viewers
  • Tazbar: No Bid, No Data

Some of the viewer data might be misleading because most of the sites did not count unique user

Data from HitWise

Hitwise data shows that over 97% of the traffic in the internet auction marketplace goes to eBay.


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  2. Ben says:

    I think qxl is up and coming, i have just started using them over 1 month and i have sold 1 item a day so far which is good and it is goin up an up.
    I feel its far superior to ebay.
    ebay looks and feels childish and if full of junk!

    Try out xl. you will be suprised.


  3. steve says:

    qxl is better than all of them ebay has to many jealous sellers and too many members qucik to complain tazbar needs more members aswell as cq out

  4. Crispy says:

    cqout has far better quality sellers, goods and bargains than on ebay

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