Choosing the Right eBay shop level with the new eBay fees

I have got the old spreadsheet out and worked out the number of listing which justify upgrading the shop level.  If you recall under the new fee system, sellers will get discounts on insertion fees based on their shop level.  There are:

  • Basic shop (cost:  £14.99), IF = £0.2
  • Featured shop (cost:  £49.99) IF = £0.05
  • Anchored shop (cost: £349.99) IF = £0.01

To calculate the costs I looked at the cost of the listing and the cost of the shop.  The cost was calculated in the following way

Total Insertion fee = insertion fee + (shop subscription fee/ number of listings)

Doing the maths, it turns out that if you list 233 or more products it is worth getting a featured shop, and around 7500 to make it worth getting a anchor shop.  These figures do not take into account any other benefits which a shop may give.

So most sellers will probably go for a featured shop, but only those with a huge inventory should go for the anchor shop, purely based on fees.  Remember that as the search ranking of a listing will be partially based on its success (i.e. the number of products it sells) then each SKU will only have one listing, a opposed to multiple listing as at the moment.  This will drastically reduce the number of individual listings which a seller makes.

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