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Sales reporting is hugely important, but unfortunately can be rather time consuming. On eBay it is a real pain to analyse sales on a per item basis, as sales relating to each SKU are spread across multiple listings.  Sales data therefore requires analysing the sell through rate and average selling price of each product, deducting relevant fees and then comparing this against the trade price.  Your sales management tool may do this for you, but otherwise it is a time consuming manual process

I was therefore very excited to hear from Andy Geldman from Auction software review that a company called Prime2S had created an Excel plugin which pulls data from eBay using the API.  Functions available will for example pull items numbers for listed items, fees associated with items numbers and feedback details.  These functions could be used to entirely automate the creation of eBay reports.  They could very useful in building an automated versions of Scott Wingo’s eBay Dashboard, which he suggests in his book eBay Strategies.

It is a pity the Prime2S haven’t produced their own spreadsheets using their plugin, missing a trick there I think…..




  1. Andy Geldman says:

    Hi Trevor,

    3-Clicks (that’s Prime2S’s Excel plug-in) does include “Sales Record, Sales Summary, Purchase Record, Purchase Summary, Income Statement, Balance Sheet” template spreadsheets.

    Is that what you were thinking of or do you mean produce their own spreadsheets independently of the plug-in itself?

  2. trevor says:

    Just had a look at that.

    What I am looking for is something all together more complex. I want a spreadsheet which sums all the items with the same custom field to give a STR, fees and profit for each eBay SKU, not just list the a list of items which is what the prime2s sheet gives.

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