Recommended Reads

I am an avid reader, so here is a list of the (good) books I have read recently 

eBay Books

Here is a list of all the books which I have read on eBay and ecommerce topics.  

eBay strategies – Scott Wingo

eBay data into dollars – Ina Steiner

7 essential steps to Successful eBay marketing – Janelle Elms

eBay your Business – Janelle Elms 

How to make Serious money on – Dan Wilson

Futureshop – Daniel Nissanoff

eBay Myth BusterDavid D. Busch

eBay the Smart Way –  Joseph T. Sinclair

The eBay Business Handbook – Robert Pugh

How to have a Baby on eBay – Wiz Wharton

The Independent Guide to eBay 2008 – Simon Brew 


The Long Tail – Chris Anderson

General Business 

Getting Things Done – David Allen

Other Books 

"Endurance": Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage to the Antarctic –  Alfred Lansing

The Clash of Civilisations and the Remaking of World Order – Samuel Huntingdon

The Wisdom of Crowds – James Surowiecki


You can see my Amazon list here