7 top tips for your ecommerce FAQ page

7 top tips for your ecommerce FAQ page

The FAQ page on your ecommerce hosting should be simple, straightforward and informative. Your customers should be able to find the question they need answered in a fast and efficient way.

You can ensure they can do this by following these tips.

1. Get to the point.

Give the people what they want, and answer the question. Don’t waste time trawling on about different scenarios, added information and going round in circles. Get to the point. Your customers will be happy with yes or no answers. Add essential information. And then stop.

2. Don’t over do it.

Don’t have too many questions on your page. This makes customers feel overwhelmed and makes it harder for them to find what they are looking for. Stick to popular and basic questions. And don’t forget to prominently include your contact details.

3. Keep page layout simple

The simpler, the better. Use bullet points and visuals if you need to explain something more complicated. Use a Table of Contents at the top of the page and hyperlink each question to the answer lower down. Don’t add any unnecessary extras. There are many ecommerce website templates out there that can help you with this.

4. Include links to resources

This is a terrific way to help the customer get where they want to go. Supplying a link that points directly to what the customer needs, saves them time, energy and maybe even frustration.

5. Use your customers’ suggestions

Base your questions on not only what you think the customer wants to know, but on what they actually want to know. There’s no point in just coming up with a list of questions off the top of your head, just so you can have an FAQ page.

Track and note all of your customers’ actual questions, then add them to the list.

6. Keep it up to date

Whenever you make changes to your ecommerce business and services, always remember to update the FAQ page to reflect these. Also remember to keep your content fresh, by adding new questions and deleting old ones that are no longer relevant or useful.

7. Don’t promote/market your business

This page is purely for your customers to find information on basics, such as shipping, delivery, etc. Don’t use it as another opportunity to market your goods and/or services. Your customers will not appreciate it, and will find it frustrating.

Keeping your FAQ relevant, concise and easy to use with the help of ecommerce solutions will serve your customers, and ultimately your business very well.

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