This Week’s Tunes – Bob Dylan and the Guillemots

As this blog is also about life in general I thought I ought to make some cultural commentry.

This week I have been listening to the latest Bob Dylan album, Modern Times. Those of you who know me well will know that I am a huge Dylan fan. The man is the only genius of popular culture.

Whilst his new album is definitely worth a listen, unlike some commentators I would not say that it is up there with his best. Having listened to it a few times none of the songs have made much of an impression on me. Having seen him live this year, I can’t help but feel that these days he is merely going through the motions without really enjoying it.

I have however recently discovered World Gone Wrong which turns out to be an excellent album, up there with his best.

I am trying to work my way through the Mercury prize nominees starting with the Guillemots. I think that they are a bit boring, but then my tastes are somewhat toward the noisey (I love the Arctic Monkeys!)

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