eBay HTML and Javascript Restrictions

I have been doing some investigation into the restrictions on programming on the eBay platform. Here is a list of restrictions on the use of HTML and Javascript on eBay

  • HTML or JavaScript used to drop or read a cookie on any eBay page
  • HTML or JavaScript that redirects the user from eBay to another page (such as the “replace” script)
  • HTML or JavaScript that automatically calls remote scripts and pages (such as JavaScript includes or iframes)
  • HTML or JavaScript that changes registry entries, or otherwise writes to another’s computer hard drive
  • HTML or JavaScript that creates automatic “pop-ups” (exception – links that open in a new window when clicked on)
  • HTML or JavaScript that automatically posts to scripts in eBay
  • HTML or JavaScript that automatically loads any binary program on another’s computer (exception – Flash content)
  • HTML or JavaScript that automatically overwrites any area on the listing outside of the item description area

Apparently everything else is OK including using a CSS to change the look and feel of eBay

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