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Having just read the Micropersuasion blog regarding the 10 best blogging hacks, I thought that I would give my opinion on the best ones:

Automatically posting Links from Delicious

If you click on the settings link on delicious , there is an option to automatically post the links which you have saved that day to your blog. This is a great way of creating content for your blog without doing any work!


Writely is a new web based word processor from Google which allows users to collaborate in creating documents and also post their work to their blog. I am using it at the moment as it is a much better WYSIWYG editor than that available in WordPress. I probably haven’t event scratched the surface of it’s usefulness yet.


Plazes is a new service which allows you to show other people on the web where you are, record exciting developments in your area and around the world. I do get slightly wary of people knowing where I live, but then you can always find that out from a phone book! I have put the little map on my blog so that you can all see where I am!

Blog SEO tools

Top Rank Marketing offer a set of free tools which allow you to easily put the buttons which let other subscribe to your blog and submit your articles to digg etc.

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