How to Write an eBay About Me Page

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Your “About Me” page is the first place buyers go when they want to find out more about an eBay seller. Is is also a great opportunity to drive sales and cross-sell products. It is a free billboard where you can showcase your entire line of products and make a strong first impression.Here are some tips for enhancing your About My Store page:

  • Focus on the area “above the fold” – the screen area buyers see first before scrolling down.
  • Graphics work so use photos or graphics of items that link to actual product. Don’t simply list the types of products you sell-make each picture a hot link.
  • Avoid Clutter. Once they land on your page, don’t confuse visitors with a clutter of items. Feature one item prominently – such as a “Hot Buy” or “Deal of the Week.”
  • Contact Details reassure buyers. List your phone number and contact info prominently so buyers can reach you easily.
  • Good navigation. Organize your merchandise into a clickable index for easier navigation.
  • Calls to Action. Pepper the page with numerous calls to action such as “Bid Now” or “Buy Now.”

A well-designed, beautiful About Me page will move more product. If you’ve invested in a logo or branding, feature it prominently as part of your overall design.

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  1. “About me” is a main part of any website and a brief information on the topic.Yes , its a great opportunity to drive sales and cross-sell products. Duplicate payments

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